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Fabric Protection Services

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Fabric Protection Grand RapidsWhite Glove Grand Rapids offers fabric protection services to our interior design customers, so that you can offer it to as an additional service to your clients.

Our fabric protector is a thin layer of protectant we apply to upholstery to ward off against stains. You never want to use too much, though. Not for safety reasons, everything we use is non-toxic and safe to be around, but mainly for comfort. If a large amount of protector is applied, you'll be able to feel it and that may become uncomfortable.

Fabric protector should be reapplied every 9-12 months, depending on how much use the treated area gets. Whatever it is that you're having fabric protector applied to, we recommend a deep cleaning first. There's really no point in adding protectant to a dirty rug or piece of furniture.